The Googlebot is retarded

Stupid GoogleBot





Why? Because it has absolutely no idea what a base href tag is for online homework help.

I use a base href on all my sites to make internal linking much easier – no matter what the URL for the page on the site looks like, the link to another page will remain the same.

For those who don’t know a base href looks like this <base href=””>. When you use a base href on your site, all relative links are from that URL. So a link to “index.cfm” from the URL “page/somesubfolder/” will go to “index.cfm” instead of “page/somesubfolder/index.cfm”.

But Mr. G, I-control-the-world, A. Bottie chooses to plough right on throught my base href scoffing at my pityful attempt to direct it to the content.

This is why I am continually getting error reports from sites where I have something like <cfparam name=”” type=”numeric”>

Instead of getting a normal link like index.cfm/page/viewproduct/id/34, the bot is interpreting URLs like index.cfm/page/viewcat/index.cfm/viewproduct/34 and this is generating an error report which is automatically emailed to me every time the Googlebot goes into action on one of our client sites.

For FS, how hard is it for the Google engineers to intrerpret that there is a standard base href on the page. Or is it that the Googlebot is hedging it bets and checking to see if the base href was a mistake and there IS a valid page at it’s conjured link URL.

ps. I’ll probably get a permanent thumbs down in the Google ranking for this – Mr G.Bot tie knows when hes being insulted and he doesn’t like it. You don’t fuck with the bot – he controls the Internet, he can break you like that