InfinityCMS Dynamic Content Toolbar Item

It’s a Saturday so naturally I’m working…
Actually I thought it was Friday today but that’s another sleep-deprived story.

I decided to do something more constructive for Digital Crew than the run of the mill client work today – I added a toolbar option for inserting dynamic code snippets to our InfinityCMS product.

InfinityCMS allows the user to use codes to get some extra functionality. For example, a user could leave a note for another user using the following syntax [note:My note here].

Or they could list all the sub pages of the current page in a nice neat menu using [include:subpages].

Inserting Dynamic Code using the new toolbar option
Another option is to provide an on-page jump menu to all header elements (example) using [include:jumpmenu].

But even we developers who are using these features every other day struggle to remember all the options and the correct syntax so I bit the bullet and figured out how to extend the excellent FCKEditor to show a new toolbar option to insert one of these code items.

My next mission if to create an ‘Insert Object’ button which will allow users to easily insert components such as an Image Gallery or a FAQ component on the page through the WYSWIYG. Imagine the power of that! A few clicks and the page is displaying an image gallery or a FAQ… or anything else we can come up with. The object itself will be represented by an image when in WYSIWYG mode. Double clicking the object will allow the user to edit it’s parameters and options. It will be good, oh yes… stay tuned…